Relaunch of the Frome Community website December 2021

Hi Fromies!

The website has been around for the past 4 years.

During 2020 and the lock downs since it was a sign-posting website for anyone affected by the Covid pandemic, providing links which focused on where you could go in order to get food delivered by local producers. It also provided links to where you could go to get help and further information. You may have heard the Frome FM radio interview with myself. I have decided to revamp the website for 2022 so that people of Frome and surrounding areas can either get information regarding local businesses and activities or promote similar easily what is on offer to the community.

If you think something should be listed here then please feel free to contact me.

The idea is the website will become The GOTO website for anything Frome related, a kind of mini-Google for all things Frome related. I will do my best to make the website ALL inclusive – Nigel Billam.

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